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Sponsor a child today for Rs. 2000 ($31)!

Your sponsorship means much to the child! It brings the feeling that there is someone who cares, loves and provides for him/her. It also brings the following benefits to your child...

  • Helps the child to stay in school

  • Have one nutritious meal every day from project

  • Have all the school supplies

  • Get one new dress every year

  • Get training for arts, sports and life skills

  • Tuition on academic subjects

  • Special classes on various subjects

  • Care on health, hygiene, and character

  • Above all, individual care, love, and support from staff and community

Be in touch with your child!

  • Your child will write letters to you

  • You can talk to him/her or can have a video call

  • You are always welcome to visit the child, her family, community, and project.

Send us a note to start your sponsorship!

33 Kids need sponsors

Age from 6 to 15

Girls and boys

Sponsor today!

Thank you! We will contact you soon.

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