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Story of Anu and of 60 children!

(Pls watch the video to get a better idea of the story) Pls find the link to join the campaign: Roof to gather.

Let me briefly tell about our sixty children and this community through the story of Anu. Anu lives in Thottamoola, a very rural village. It is at the boundary of Muthanga tiger reserve forest in Wayanad district. The village people are always under the fear of wild attacks from Tiger, Elephants and wolfs. Anu's father was a Paniya tribal man, a drunkard and a thug. Due to severe domestic violence, Anu's mother, Koyma, had to leave her 3 children and run away from her home. She took Anu, the six months baby, with her.

After a few months' Anu's father committed suicide. Anu's two elder sisters are taken to an orphanage and elder brother Appu remained with his grandmother, Elumpi. Elumpi is illiterate and a heavy drunkard. As of the other colony children, Appu had left school at the age of 13. He started day laboring and got addicted to alcohol and pan. He is 20 years of age now.

Koyma, Anu's mother started living with another man in Thiruvannoor tribal colony, where Anu is raised under him. The little boy had to suffer much under the brutal punishments of his step father. When it became unbearable he ran back to Thottamoola colony at the age of 12. Gradually Anu started to fall in the same lifestyle of Appu and of the colony.

Among the Paniya tribe, there are no legal marriages. Most of them start living together before they reach 18 years of age. We have several mothers who give birth to two or three children before they reach their 20th birthday. It is common that men leave girls after a few years of living together. Men and women drink alcohol and pan is hundred times more important to them than food.

"The family conditions of the kids are unfortunate. Most mothers use alcohol heavily", says Mrs. Bindhu Johny, ICDS Staff in Thottamoola.

No care and food at home, Anu had to seek alternatives. He started day laboring. In one of those days, Anu came to our project for food and from that day he became one of our family.

We started this project in 2011 with six children. Now our family has 60 children and their families. We believe that God has implanted a very specific purpose in each child. God has given extra ordinary talents to achieve that too. We help children to achieve their purposes by focusing the four fold areas of their lives.

1. Cognitive (Educational)

2. Physical (Health)

3. Socio- Emotional

4. Spiritual (Principles)

We teach them how to learn, how to improve their imaginations, and know themselves. We assist them with, nutritious food, hygienic practices, medical help, sports activities, and awareness on healthy life.

"Kids are neglected in all areas of their lives by the community and Yuva CDC is privileged to receive them with joy and dignity", says Mr. Bijoy Jacob, Project Coordinator of Yuva CDC.

"At homes, most children do not get at least a good single meal. They get a nutritious meal, or milk or egg or even a tea with milk from the project (Yuva CDC) only", adds Bindhu Johny.

It is our responsibility to bring them out from the extreme introvert character and train them to have healthy relationships, confidence and positive outlook. We want our children to learn principles, respect values, and develop great character pleasing God and society.

Anu is determined to study well and become a policeman. He is going to be the first one among his family and relationship, who is completing the 10th grade.

"We really desire to have our own playground here. We also wish to have washroom, our classrooms, and kitchen", tells Anjana K N, our Student Leader.

To assist Anu, our sixty children, and more, we have decided to buy a piece of land and have buildings for our children to gather, learn, have food, and receive love & care. We call it as 'THE HOME' of our children. We invite you all to visit us, join us and support our initiatives. Thank you very much!

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