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Next generation with,
1. Purpose

2. Courage

3. Abundance (financial independence)
4. Faith

5. Love

6. Kindness

7. Integrity

8. Excellence

9. Justice

10. Stewardship



Creating the Next Generation to make a glorious imprint on the world !



Of course, it is a confusing statement. No vision statement should be like this. Maybe I can say this by saying,  establishing the culture of the Kingdom of God on earth in and through the next generation. 
For what the organizations, Governments, Judiciary and all other national and international agencies are working? It is to make the world a better place to live. But how that is possible?


We have governments, police departments, judiciary and all other such agencies; but still, the crime rate is increasing. One of the major problems we face is the corruption in the police force, judiciary and politics. These are agencies whom we want to protect us and they are the most corrupted. The simple reason is, they are humans.  They behave as per their beliefs and culture. Circumstances, money or power give them opportunities to do that better or less, that's all. They are corrupted either in micro level or macro. So what should be changed? The system? Government? The working style of police? All these are working based on the human intelligence. His beliefs. A position or responsibility is only a frame. It gets life only when a man enters into that frame. He is the one who decides the definition of that frame. Thus, basically change should happen to men, not to lifeless systems or things. 


What can make a change? Think of a situation of a state where people don't do any crime. There is no need of police or judiciary. There won't be cases. 

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