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Your support gives food, education & development to a tribal child 

Rs. 1650 ($25) for one meal to 60 kids

We transform the next generation of a village.

We need your help!

Dr. Rahul Philip

P.G Student, Germany

I have personally been at this mission once and I am proud to be part of this mission after seeing how the children experience love, hope and the future at the hands of a few dedicated human beings through the Love of God.If you have time you could personally visit this mission after contacting Bro. Edwin Livingston.

They say...

Mr. Viraj Upgade,

Manager at Reliance Infrastructure

It's completely my pleasure to help these kids. You guys are doing such an exceptional job. It takes a lot of courage, lot of determination, lot of time do all this. Hats off to you guys!

Dr. Udayakala C

Ast. Professor at All Saints College, Trivandrum

Unforgettable two days! We visited Thottamoola tribal colonies and the works of Yuva there. Those highly dedicated works of Yuva must be appreciated. I took my son, my friend and 29 of my beloved students with me to give them a real insight. Those precious kids in CDC, directly walked into our hearts.

Surely Yuva will reach great heights just because of the genuine work they do 

VBS - MAY 2016

Children are taught to experience the love and care of God, the Almighty

Yuva CDC 
(Community Development Centre)

Children, their families, and the community. We assist them to grow in,

Heart (Socio-Emotional)

Mind (Cognitive)

Body (Physical)

Spirit (Conscience)


They live in tribal colonies at the boundary of Tiger Forest

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One day - Rs. 1650 ($25)
One week - Rs. 10000 ($152)
One month - Rs. 40000 ($606)
Special Food - Rs. 4500 ($68)

Your support reaches the right place 

              YUVA Social Movement is a registered Public Charitable Trust (Reg. No.85/15/IV).​​             Yuva is tax exempted under 12AA in Income Tax Act, Govt. of India (Reg.No.AATY 4600L/09/15-16/T-0295). 

Help us to feed our kids daily!

We provide one nutritious meal everyday

Account transfer through bank


33 Kids need sponsors

Age from 6 to 15

Girls and boys

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Story of Arjun

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Language Learning Program

English is not only a Universal Language but also the door to free knowledge in this 'Knowledge - Era'. Yuva considers it as a mission to help rural children and youths to learn English and access numerous opportunities and specialized knowledge.

Recent guests...

Women's Study Cell team members from All Saints College, Trivandrum, visited our CDC under the leadership of Asst. Professor Dr. Udayakala. 

Yuva CDC location

Yuva CDC @ Wayanad

The beginning of YUVA CDC

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