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Yuva Social Movement


Creating the next generation to make a glorious imprint on the world

YUVA works among the children and youths to develop a Kingdom of God minded new generation. We work to establish the Kingdom principles in and through the next generation. 

YUVA (Youths' Unlimited Vision Applied) Social Movement is a registered Public Charitable Trust according to the Kerala Trust Act with a registration number: 85/15/IV . It is registered under 12AA in Income Tax Act 1961 with number: AAATY 4600L/09/15-16/T-0295. 


We believe in the Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God and consider every principle in it as absolute truths. We seek guidance from the Holy Spirit for all our existing programs and for the future plans. YUVA is Bible oriented and Christ centred. 

The story behind YUVA

It was of course one of the good early morning of February 1996, till I heard the cry from the neighbor house. I jumped over the boundary wall and got into the house. I could see people sitting and crying at the hall. I looked at the room at the right side of the hall. There was my friend Midhu, hanging on a rope with a knot on his neck. I got frozen for a while and remained frozen emotionally for days

We used to call him Tarzan. He was physically strong, very intelligent, creative and kind inside. But outside he was an alcohol addict, street fighter and socially unacceptable. He used to share with me about the traumatic childhood had had. The emotional hurts and physical pain that led him to hate his parents, himself and others. I was 16 and Midhu was 22 years of age at that time. His death left a major question on the purpose of my life.

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Millions of children are going through so much of suffering and pain due to several reasons from abandonment to extreme poverty. Many of them turn into criminal activities and substance abuse. God gave me a perspective on this and revealed His call on me to work for the next generation. That paved the corner stone for the organization YUVA. 

God blessed me to work in GIAFI, (organization that works among the tribes, lepers, slum people) and with Compassion International assisted project (Compassion is one of the best works among the poor and needy children in rural areas) in Wayanad. I also got an opportunity to visit CRHP and spend one week with Dr. Arole. All these experiences cemented the dream and call I got from God. 

Edwin Livingston,

Director Board

Director board is the apex body of the organization which functions as the compass for vision, mission and implementation

Edwin Livingston

Mr. Edwin Livingston


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Dr. Irene Elza Noble

Resource Director

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