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Transform them, they will transform the world!



They start celebrating, repenting and receiving the divine touch


And then they submit themselves to the larger vision concerning their lives. 


Hundreds of young people attend and get transformed!



The conventional meaningless traditions in church force young people to either wear a mask or leave the church. We help them to rip their Masks and return to their original purpose for a social transformation!

Mask Off 1
Mask Off 2
Mask Off 3
Mini - Mask Off


Mask Off


See Beyond...

Seek ye first the kingdom of God,

and his righteousness

(Matthew 6.33)

  • The real challenges and the mission are outside the church.

  • Choose to fight poverty, injustice, child labour/abuse/prostitution, and substance abuse


Reached 20000 Plus young people

You are the light of the World

  • 5.5 Million child Prostitutes

  • 12.6 Million child labourers

  • 2.5 Million children die every year due to malnutrition


In India Darkness is here...

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What we do!

  • New & deep insight to real root problems and their solutions

  • Establish Kingdom principles like love, justice, kindness and integrity

  • Identify darkness in the world & spread your light


Still counts...



Have you identified your perspective?

Sharpen your skills

Unleash your passion

We are on the streets


We gather them:

Young people are extremely talented in their own areas of skills. In search of a safe job and security, they either do not use it or use it for a corporate company to get paid.

We gather young people who are students or workers. We create a platform for them to express themselves and share their passions and skills. 

We train:


Yuva listen, inspire, teach and train the young people in the areas of their passions and skills. Once they are ready, then they belong to the 'Zeo Team'. We help them to use their skills and ideas for the society.  



We go to the streets: Our Zeo team addresses social issues by developing programs for the people. Each Zeo member contributes by his skill and passion and makes each event special and creative. 

The young people unleash their potential for a social cause!

Yuva Zeo

A platform for the youth leaders

A forum for creative plans

Net 4 Nation (N4N) is a platform for united work to the same goal. There are numerous youth organizations in different parts of India and rest of the world. Their enthusiasm and dedication are so high. But most of the time they stand as lonely islands. Many of the organizations are lacking proper vision and direction. 


As a leading organization among the next generation, Yuva considers it as our responsibility to take the initiative to bring all the organizations under one umbrella, but without losing their identities. It helps us to work on a proper vision, direction and strategies. Also, it helps us to share the resources to work very effectively and with partnerships. 


Net 4 Nation
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