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Am I my Brothers keeper?!

Their cries are deafening! It is unbelievable that we as a world stand silent to the cries of innocent children and their families in the war torn country of Syria. Newspapers and social media are flooded with news of the atrocities being committed daily.

Of course, we as civilians are helpless! What can a mere you or me do to prevent President Assad from bombing his people? Be it in the name of silencing civilian revolt or declaration of war against terror; there is no justification to the cries of mothers who are in want of food for their children or to the sorrow of fathers bereaving their lost children.

Government organizations, human rights movements have all surrendered. We have no words they say! A friend of mine told me, ‘Yes Irene; its true! There is no food in my parents home; one of my brothers managed to swim the ocean and reach Germany; my other brother is wanted for stealing bread in my town’. What a plight; isn’t it….Wait! Didn’t kerala just witness the brutal murder of Madhu for allegedly laying hands on some foodstuff in his locality? When hunger drives a man to steal food, is it really theft?

If a man had to steal food out of hunger, I believe; it is we as a society which has failed.

Recently, the world over we commemorated the death of Jesus as Good Friday. The true meaning of commemorating His death would be when we absorb what Paul said in Galatians chp. 2 verse 20 :

‘ I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live; but Christ lives in me.’

The crucified Christ should resurrect in each one of us and live through us.

What changes would be manifest in us if Christ truly lived in us. We would think and behave like Jesus Himself. Our very nature would change. Compassion would rule our hearts. The ministry of Jesus would be ours too in our daily life. The world would have been so much a better place to live in….poverty, hunger, loneliness, sickness would no longer plague the world.

It is time we turn around and pay attention to the needs of those around us……to a friend, a neighbor, a colleague who is in need of your support. Let us not be deaf to the silent cries around us everyday.

May not the colors of pleasure blind our eyes from the needs of our neighbors. May not our mouths be dumbfounded to raise voice against the injustice and oppression around us.

For Jesus has said ‘as you did it one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me’.(Mathew 25:40)

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