We believe in social transformation

A good today

for a better tomorrow

They are diamonds in rough;

Lets shape and polish


Developing the next generation visionary leaders with Character and Competence to follow their purpose and establish the Kingdom of God

 for establishing

the Kingdom of God


Ignorance broke their neck

Covid broke their backbone

Can you help them with a food kit? 


We work among the Next Generation

Young People

Inspiring and training the youths to change themselves and become catalysts for social transformation

Mask Off

Meetings for the youths to come back to their original purpose


Meetings to give a different perspective on life and mission

Yuva Zeo

Young people getting out to the community with social activities

Net 4 Nation

A common platform for youths, leaders and organizations with the same goal

Children & their community

Working with the underprivileged children and their communities to assist them to achieve their God-given purpose!

Yuva CDC

Project for the underprivileged children

Organic Farming

A venture for pure food, labor for coummunity people and model for our kids


Income Generation Program

Self-sustainable projects for the community

Language Learning Program

Helping the village children to learn English

Sponsor Visits

Sponsors are changing the lives of the children through their visits, communications and support!

Bringing people in

People from different sectors, age groups and places are getting involved with our works and becoming socially committed and inspired.

They are sculptures in rock

Our mission is to carve...

Let us help them today

To make them help others tomorrow

Help us to feed our less fortunate but precious children one nutritious meal per day!

Construction for the classrooms and other facilities are in progress. 

Sponsorship is a beautiful relationship that gives future to one and meaning to the other. 

Join us! Be a part of this mission. Your time, ideas and thoughts are valuable to us!

Read our blog on social transformation and purpose of life. 

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