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Next Generation for the Kingdom of God


The Kingdom of God is above religions, casts, gender discriminations, and financial classifications. It embraces all humanity and transforms their lives with the principles of character and competence designed by the loving God. 


What we do

  • We run after-school projects and provide food, educational support, and medical help and help them to have character and competence. 

  • Inspiring, training, and engaging youths by the Kingdom Principles 

Young People

Let us help them today

To make them help others tomorrow

Food time at Yuva Social Movement Project

Help us to feed our less fortunate but precious children one nutritious meal per day!

Construction works at Yuva Social Movement Project

Construction for the classrooms and other facilities are in progress. 

Anjana - Yuva Social Movement

Sponsorship is a beautiful relationship that gives future to one and meaning to the other. 

Yuva Social Movement fund raising team

Join us! Be a part of this mission. Your time, ideas and thoughts are valuable to us!

Yuva Social Movement Blog

Read our blog on social transformation and purpose of life. 

News Letter from Yuva Social Movement
News Letter from Yuva Social Movement
News Letter from Yuva Social Movement

Get updated every month with what is happening in our fields and communities

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