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Happy Meals...

Healthy Families...

They are ignorant

They are vulnerable

They need a helping hand 

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36 year old Rukmini and 34 year old Omana  are mothers to 3 children each, who are all malnourished. As a matter of fact, Rukmini and Omana are themselves underweight. They do not have the government provided ration cards as they are unaware of the procedures to procure one. Lack of education and awareness continues to take a heavy toll on such families. They are just one among the many such families. They need constant assistance and support to lift them and their children from the ongoing cycle of poor education, malnutrition and poverty.

Fighting malnutrition

and hunger 

Program Highlights

  • Malnutrition – an immediate concern, still plagues tribal hamlets and can be rectified significantly 

  • Young single mothers who can’t go for work can be with their babies

  • Aged people with none to help have a sense of security

  • Sick and bedridden people find support

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The Happy meals. Happy Families program is aimed at providing families with constant nutritious food supplies to ensure a healthy childhood and bring them to mainstream education to lift the burden of poverty that has plagued them for generations.

So far...

Rs. 87000

Kits. 73

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